Ink in the Rink / Tattoo Night

Jan. 27,2023 / Friday / 7:35 PM EST

Huntsville Havoc

Got a tattoo you're proud of (or that you greatly regret)? Show it off on the jumbotron with the return of Ink in the Rink with the Ice Bears! Our tattoo cam will look for the city's best (or worst)! It's your chance to display your ink on the big screen! During the first intermission, we will showcase some of our favorite artwork. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the link below.

Join us on the ice for our intermission tattoo contest, judged by local tattoo artists! Whether your tattoo is sentimental, hilarious, or just plain awesome, display it proudly as the Ice Bears look to "tattoo" the puck in the back of the net!

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