Knoxville Ice Bears Professional Hockey How Chilly Stole Christmas

How Chilly Stole Christmas

Dec. 23,2023 / Saturday / 6:00 PM EST

Quad City Storm

Chilly Bear is causing some mischief during Christmas! What sort of antics will the Ice Bears mascot try to pull off on the final game day before Christmas? Find out at the Coliseum for this Saturday night showdown! Post Game Skate with Knoxville Ice Bears players; Free for MebBEARS and $5 for non-MemBEARS (must bring skates to participate, no rentals available) Ice Bears Pro Shop does have skates for purchase.

Event Schedule:


4:45 pm – Doors Open For MemBEARS

4:50 pm – Coach’s Talk with Andrew Harrison

5:00 pm – Doors Open

5:24 pm – Player Warmups  (Bench Visit Guests)

5:35 pm – FanBoni Riders report to Southend

5:42 pm – FanBoni Rides – Zamboni Ice Cut

6:00 pm – Puck Drop


1st Intermission (18:00 Mins)

18:00 Chilly Sled Race

15:00 FanBoni Riders Report to South End

2nd Intermission (18:00 Mins)

18:00 Chuck A Puck

15:00 FanBoni Riders Report to South End

End of the Game

Post Game Skate with the players – Free for MemBEARS and $5 for non MemBEARS (must bring your own skates, no rentals available)  Skates are avialable for purchase at the Pro Shop.

Ice Bears Pro Shop and Team store will be open up to 30 min after the end of the game.