Knoxville Ice Bears Professional Hockey Lord of The Rink Night

Lord of the Rink

Jan. 07,2024 / Sunday / 5:00 PM EST

Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs

Celebrating one of the great fantasy franchises of our time, come join our "fellowship" of players as the Ice Bears take on the Rail Yard Dawgs for a Sunday night rivalry battle!

Event Schedule:


3:45 pm – Doors Open For MemBEARS

3:50 pm – Coach’s Talk with Andrew Harrison

4:00 pm – Doors Open

4:24 pm – Player Warmups  (Bench Visit Guests)

4:35 pm – FanBoni Riders report to Southend

4:42 pm – FanBoni Rides – Zamboni Ice Cut

5:00 pm – Puck Drop


1st Intermission (18:00 Mins)

18:00 Chilly Sled Race

15:00 FanBoni Riders Report to South End

2nd Intermission (18:00 Mins)

18:00 Chuck A Puck

15:00 FanBoni Riders Report to South End

End of the Game