Knoxville Ice Bears Professional Hockey Y2SK8TE


Dec. 26,2023 / Tuesday / 6:00 PM EST

Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs

Calling all fans of boy bands! A throwback to the 90s hits the Civic Coliseum as we get ready to usher in the new year with some old tunes!

Event Schedule:


4:45 pm – Doors Open For MemBEARS

4:50 pm – Coach’s Talk with Andrew Harrison

5:00 pm – Doors Open

5:24 pm – Player Warmups  (Bench Visit Guests)

5:35 pm – FanBoni Riders report to Southend

5:42 pm – FanBoni Rides – Zamboni Ice Cut

6:00 pm – Puck Drop


1st Intermission (18:00 Mins)

18:00 Chilly Sled Race

15:00 FanBoni Riders Report to South End

2nd Intermission (18:00 Mins)

18:00 Chuck A Puck

15:00 FanBoni Riders Report to South End

End of the Game